A Brief Background to Football Index

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

What is Football Index? Uncertain about joining? Read below for a brief background on Football Index, it's development and growth and what makes it such an excellent platform which is both fun to use and profitable.

At it's core, Football Index is a gambling platform licensed in the UK by the Gambling Commission, and aims to challenge the traditional betting market and revolutionise the industry. Combining key sectors of the Football community, the increasing popularity of Football Index has meant unprecedented growth over the last few years. Backgrounds of some Football Index traders include:

  • Conventional betting

  • Fantasy Football

  • Gaming (eg. Football Manager)

  • Stock trading

Launched in 2015 by Adam Cole, Football Index is headquartered in Jersey, UK with offices in Marylebone, London. It is known as the 'Football Stockmarket' and allows long term bets of 3 years (virtual shares known as futures) to be placed on footballers, with a view to earning dividends or benefiting from capital appreciation of the player (buy low and sell high).

The core feature of Football Index are it's daily dividend payouts. 365 days a year dividends are paid out to traders with the amounts varying based on how many matches are being played. In short, there are higher payouts where there are more matches being played, and 'Media' dividends for when there are no matches. Please refer to the relevant posts on Match Day Dividends, In-Play Dividends and Media Day Dividends for more information on the this.

Since it's launch, there have been many developments to Football Index. What started with a few hundred players, fast grew to a player database of over 4000 players. Key developments in the development timeline of Football Index include the addition of Performance related dividends (early 2018), two share splits (2017 and March 2019), the addition of In-Play Dividends and NASDAQ powered Order Books (first phased introduced in Spring/ Summer 2020).

Due to the somewhat complex nature of Football Index compared to conventional gambling, The Football Index Academy provides a detailed overview of the mechanics involved in trading on the platform and is a must read for new users. In addition, Football Index provide a 7 day money back guarantee (up to £500) and a generous referral scheme.

One of the key advantages of Football Index is it's commitment to responsible gambling. Regulated by the gambling commission, and recently confirmed as a Tier 1 operator, the platform is largely orientated towards long term bets where it is impossible to lose your entire stake as is the case with the majority of betting platforms.

There are a number of support channels for new and existing users on Football Index including active social media communities, third party podcasts, blogs, Slack channels and the Football Index forum. These can be found in our Resources section.

As of June 2020, Football Index has an excellent 4.7 rating on Trustpilot. If you are new, please take a moment to read through the reviews, and for existing users, please take a moment to review the product.

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