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Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Added players to your Football Index portfolio and want to know how they are performing, or if they score or assist during a match? Want live detailed statistical breakdowns during matches? In this article, we will look at a few options available to do this, and how to get started.

Match days are the core of Football Index and whether it's a Bronze match day with a single game or Gold match day with 20+ games, keeping up to date with players in your portfolio can prove difficult. The options offered by Football Index are limited, so below we will discuss this and the options available from third party websites and apps.

When it comes to Building a Bortfolio on Football Index, there are a range of methods for finding player data, each with their own pros and cons. Some being aimed specifically at Football Index traders, and other more general football apps.

Below are a few options

From the list above, we will briefly discuss the Football Index app itself, and then compare the two third party football apps, Sofascore and WhoScored. Both of these are excellent apps with vast amounts of player and team data available. The third party Football Index data providers are listed in the Resources section, and will also be reviewed in due course.

Football Index App & Website


  • Clear Match Day Rankings

  • Points accrued driven by Opta data

  • Recent improvements in player data with detailed spider diagrams


  • No points breakdown for points accrued

  • No push notifications

  • Improvements required in portfolio management (expiry dates, filters etc)

Neymar Football Index Attacking Statistics Diagram

Match Day Rankings

The official Football Index website and app are the single reference point for Match Day rankings and to follow your player(s) towards winning dividends. The rankings provide a breakdown of players involved in matches on the given day and points accrued. Data for these points is provided by world leading stats provider Opta.

The Match Day Rankings provided by Football Index are an adequate way to follow players, but could go a lot further and there is real potential for development in this area. Not least, a points breakdown to see how player points totals are calculated. In addition, push notifications would be a great addition for goals, assists and dividends won (Match Day Dividends & In-Play Dividends).

Previous development for the app has placed the current dividend table beside the Match Day Rankings (and Media Day Rankings) tabs which is a useful update.

Despite the filter on the rankings tab offering a 'My Portfolio' option, this is still somewhat limited, with no way of seeing for example, how your player compares with the leading player in his position. For example, if my defender is in 2nd place on 150 points, the winning defender may be on 152, or 250 points. Only cancelling the filter will reveal the actual score.

In summary, the Football Index website and app offer very basic functionality in this area and there is a lot of potential for further development which the trader community looks forward to. Accessing the app is easy, and the data provided is generally very reliable coming from Opta. There are occasions where data is revised after the midnight payouts, or even the following day, but given the ambiguous nature of some actions, this is understandable and relatively rare.

Third party app providers

In the Football Index trader community, the two most popular third party apps which traders use to track players in their portfolios are SofaScore and WhoScored. Below are some the key features and main advantages and disadvantages of each with screenshots.



  • Reliable and quick push notifications for a wide range of actions

  • Detailed player statistics

  • Heat maps - very useful when scouting players and checking their involvement in phases of the game (see post on Identifying Players to Buy on Football Index)


  • Very few except a few minor niggles and preferences discussed below

Player Stats (General)
Player Stats (In-Play)
Team Lineup

SofaScore is a fantastic choice to track players. Setting up notifications is as simple as downloading the app, searching for the player and tapping follow. You can also do this for teams and individual matches. These can also be customised to include or exclude certain actions. Push notifications are consistent with very few errors.

The app is completely free to download with some ads, although these are minimised and do not feel overly intrusive.

Player ratings are very useful in gauging overall performance and consistency. It would also be useful to understand how these are calculated and the weighting to each positive and negative action, but this information is not currently available as far as I am aware.

A couple of minor niggles of using this recently. One is that goals which are overturned by VAR decisions, do not trigger push notifications, so only an goal notification will be sent, without the correction. At least, this is not set by default. Another being the daily fixtures list which, by default at least, uses an accordion menu, where you will need to tap to open each of the 5 leagues. It's highly likely that this could be customised though to make it easier, but by default this could be easier with a full listing and less spacing.

In summary though, these are extremely minor niggles and this is an excellent app overall and highly recommended for Football Index traders to track players on match days.



  • Simple & easy to use

  • Team strengths and weaknesses section is very useful for gauging how teams play and how this could impact the Football Index performance matrix

  • Team News section is a useful quick reference


  • Graphics are quite basic (Android version)

  • Limited push notifications

WhoScored Match Schedule
WhoScored Team Lineup
WhoScored Team Preview

As with SofaScore, WhoScored is a great source for player statistics and information, with some key advantages and disadvantages. The Team Characteristics (strengths and weaknesses) is very useful to understand how each team plays, as is the team news section which gives a brief written summary of player selection.

Whilst WhoScored is easy to use, it can feel somewhat basic, especially the graphics when tested on Android. Whilst this won't be a problem for some and it does come down to personal preference.

Finally, push notifications are limited with the option of following matches, but seemingly not individual players at the time of writing.


The Football Index website and app is the only reference for the Match Day Rankings and does a good job in communicating the basics, but could go beyond this to create a more engaging experience.

Both of the above third party apps provide an good way to track players in your portfolio and the decision of which one to use very much comes down to personal preference. The key features are outlined above and the best approach for each trader is to download both, spend sometime using each on match days and then decide.

The crucial difference for me personally, was the ability to have push notifications for individual players on SofaScore and the better graphics. Having said that, the Team News and Characteristics (Strengths and Weaknesses) is a great feature on WhoScored.

Additional Third Party Football Apps

Forza Football

Another good app where you can set notifications for matches and teams. The calendar feature is very clear and lists matches by day for each league. I found this really useful for pre-season friendlies and early stages Europa League games.

Forza Footall App Match Schedule

Screenshots taken from the Football Index website and app, SofaScore, WhoScored & Forza Football apps.

Suggestions, thoughts and comments below please.

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