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Updated: Aug 27, 2020

The most recently introduced dividends on Football Index, In-Play Dividends (IPDs) are a chance to earn additional payouts from your shares during the first 30 days after purchase. Struggling to predict Match Day Dividends and not yet up to date with the latest transfer rumours? In-Play Dividends are a great way to get started on Football Index. Read on to find out more about In-Play Dividends on Football Index.

First introduced in November 2018, In-Play Dividends (IPDs), originally named 'Goals & Assists', were a revolutionary addition to the platform and become a permanent fixture following the successful trial period. The announcement, originally met with some scepticism from the trader community over fears of the platform moving towards more conventional short term betting, was intended to provide a simple way for new traders to the platform to earn dividends during their first 30 days trading.

The concept is simple. Buy shares in a player, and for the first 30 days, the shares are eligible for dividends on every goal scored, assist and clean sheet (Goalkeepers only). Shares can be purchased up until midnight on the day of the match, so yes, that means players can be bought after scoring and up until midnight on the same day to qualify for In-Play Dividends paid out just after midnight.

Alongside Match Day Dividends & Media Day Dividends, In-Play Dividends provide a third way to receive payouts from players in your portfolio and are especially attractive to new traders, due to the ease at which dividends can be won.

Below I will look at the core features of the In-Play Dividends system. How it works, the dividend structure and a brief overview of which players are more suited to this area of the market.

How does it work

For a detailed overview of the mechanics involved in In-Play Dividends, please also refer to the official Football Index academy

As described above, the concept of In-Play Dividends is very simple. For the first 30 days of owning shares in a player, they are eligible for dividends on every goal scored, assist and clean sheet (Goalkeepers only).

As it stands, there is currently no way of tracking goals scored, assists made or clean sheets kept or the expiry date for qualifying shares on the standard Football Index app. There are however, a number of third party data providers with this functionality, some of which you can find in the Resources section.

Using a third party Football app and setting notifications of players in your portfolio for goals scored and assists is an excellent alternative. For further information on this, please see my post on Tracking Players In Your Portfolio and how they can be used side by side with Football Index.

The Dividends

At the time of writing, the dividend table below is in place. However, note that this is regularly reviewed by Football Index and updated accordingly. Whilst there is no formal confirmation, this is likely to be at the start of each season.

As you can see from the table, the dividend structure is very clear and vary slightly by position, rewarding goals scored by defenders highest.

Typical Players

Whilst researching players for Match Day & Media Dividends can be time consuming and the winners unpredictable, In-Play Dividends are in this regard, far easier. We all know who the goal scorers are, and the top performing players, but it's worth considering the price of a player when weighing important to also consider the price of a player when factoring in buying players for In-Play Dividends.

Whilst the top scorers playing at the highest level may be the initial players which spring to mind, these are often priced highly meaning the returns are insignificant especially if you intend to trade in and out of the players around the 30 day period, or renew the shares for In-Play Dividends every 30 days, and need to factor in the cost of buying and selling (with commission). The more popular players for In-Play Dividends are those at the lower end of the market, who score regularly. In light of this, below are some examples of the types of players you may want to consider if you adopt this as a trading strategy.

It should also be noted, that as well as the player type, the match schedule is likely more important in predicting In-Play Dividends payouts than the player himself. A generous run of fixtures at the start of the season which includes European competition against weaker teams, and some international matches can provide a good start to holding a player.

Complete Players (Forwards)

Key attributes: Purchased mostly for their potential to win Match Day Dividends, and trading of these players purely for In-Play Dividends is not recommended. Having said that, Buying these players at the right time, can mean the best of both worlds - generous In-Play Dividends and chances to win Match Day Dividends at the same time!

Ideal Positions: Forwards with high game to goal and/ or assist ratio

Jamie Vardy 2019/20 Season Stats


Key attributes: Strikers who score frequently. Involvement in the overall match is not important here, and the focus is purely on goal scoring and finishing. Scores lots of close range goals. Price must be relatively low to make trading profitable and worthwhile.

Idea Positions: No. 9s, Strikers and Centre Forwards

Sergio Ramos 2019/ 20 Season Stats

Goal Scoring Defenders

Key Attributes: Defenders who score regularly and present an aerial threat from set pieces. Taking penalties can also help! Highest dividend return for all In-Play Dividends. Whilst there is some logic to this approach, it is relatively unheard of and untested in the trader community.

Ideal Positions: Goal threats from Defenders usually come from Central Defenders challenging for corners and free kicks due to the aerial threat which they pose.


Key Attributes: Goalkeepers playing in teams which regularly keep clean sheets. Likely to be more defensive minded teams. Trading Goalkeepers is rare on the platforma nd despite previous rumours they would be given their own Match Day Dividends Category, this now appears unlikely.

Ideal Positions: Goalkeepers with favourable fixture lists who regularly keep clean sheets

The list above only highlights a few of the many possibilities when trading for In-Play Dividends. It's generally accepted that many traders do not trade specifically for these dividends and view them as an additional payout when buying shares. However, with regular announcements, and promotions from Football Index, there is every chance this style of trading and area of the market may receive greater focus.

Criticisms of the In-Play Dividends system

Shift Towards Shorter Term Trading

When In-Play Dividends were first introduced, there was significant concern in the trader community that this was a shift towards shorter term betting. Many traders were attracted to Football Index due to the longer term, and subsequently less risky nature of the platform and this felt like a move away from this. However, with In-Play Dividends having now been in place for over 18 months, it's clear that these are a nice to have, but not necessarily essential feature of the platform.

Having said that, In-Play Dividends do act, as Football Index originally intended, as a good way to get started on Football Index. A sweetener if you like. Experienced traders sometimes forget how much research and effort goes into choosing players to compete for Match Day Dividends and Media Day Dividends, and how difficult and complex the systems can be for new traders. For this reason, In-Play Dividends now have their place on Football Index and are generally looked upon more favourably by the trader community and there is next to no concern about them being introduced as a focus towards short term trading.

Lack of Clarity of Expiry Dates

Another frequent complaint in the trader community surrounding In-Play Dividends, is the lack of clarity over when shares will expire. At present, traders need to track the dates themselves, as well as the goals and assists.

Adding functionality to list goals scored, assists and clean sheets for Goalkeepers to the Match Day Rankings, or in a similar style, would really help with this and possibly boost this area of the market. Instant notifications on goals and assists as provided by football apps would also be beneficial and generate more excitement in this area.

Thank you for reading and I hope this article has given you a broad overview of the In-Play Dividends system and a few ideas for players to research when building your portfolio.

Screenshots taken from the SofaScore app and Football Index website.

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