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A Few Words About INDEXnotes

Welcome to INDEXnotes. An independent resource for the

Football Index community.

Here you will find guides, resources and a blog for traders on Football Index. If you are thinking of joining the platform, and would like to learn more about what Football Index is and how to get started, please check out my article 10 Tips for Beginners on Football Index.



Launched in summer 2020, FOOTBALLINDEXdigest is a daily newsletter for all things Football Index. The latest content; blogs, podcasts, news, videos and more from across the community straight to your inbox every morning.

More about FOOTBALLINDEXdigest and how to subscribe here.

New to Football Index?

For Beginners, there are a number of guides which we hope you find useful when starting your journey and Building your portfolio. For more experienced traders, you may enjoy my regular blog posts on matters affecting the trader community, and the Resources section. Here you will find a range of useful information, including third party data & statistics providers, apps, podcasts, social media and blogs.

The aim of this blog is to share the knowledge I have gained over the years trading on football Index and provide easy access to resources within the community.

I hope you enjoy using this website, and please get in touch if you have any suggestions, thoughts on comments or would like your content featured in the Resources section.


An independent registration form for content providers who would like their content included in FOOTBALLINDEXdigest is here.



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